April 26, 7:00pm

Join us as Carolyn Thayer speaks about the importance of landscaping with plants native to our region.

The mission of Plant It Wild is to foster greater awareness and appreciation of the fragile natural environment of our region. Through direct efforts we work to preserve, protect, and promote the natural beauty of the area and its plant communities.

There is no longer room for doubt that it is important for us to include more native plant species in our gardens and landscapes. Native plant’s natural adaptation allows them, once established, to thrive with little or no watering, little or no fertilizer, and little or no pesticides. There is also evidence that the widespread use of exotic plant species may have broken the complex and fragile food chains that support millions of migrating birds. This could be responsible, in part, for the dramatic decline in our migrating song bird population. Native plant species may not just be the low maintenance choice but the ecologically responsible choice.