If you've been to the library on a Thursday, you're sure to have met or read a book to Rosie the Reading Dog. But did you know the library is named after her predecessor?

My Name is Rosie        


You’ve already seen that my name is Rosie, surname McAnulty.  I’m supposed to tell you about myself, and my work as a volunteer with the kids at the Darcy Library.  I was thinking about it and it occurred to me that I probably wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for my predecessor, Darcy.  So this time, I’d like to tell you about Darcy instead of me.

 Darcy was a girl just like me who got a WHOLE LIBRARY named for her.  There are very good reasons for this.

 A long time ago, our mom, Carol McAnulty adopted Darcy from a shelter in Washington, D. C.  They worked hard together, and Carol helped Darcy earn degree as a “Certified Therapy Dog.” (I can tell you it’s pretty hard training and takes a long time to get it just right.  You have to get recertified in everything every year, too.  You can’t bark, even when you just know you should, and you absolutely positively can’t bite!  Ever!  Even if you are really, really scared)!!!

 Anyway, Darcy and my mom spent 17 years together.  They visited nursing homes, veterans’ hospitals, regular hospitals, libraries and especially important to me, spent time each week having kids read to her in the little, old Beulah Library.  (I worked there too, and I can tell you that it was definitely little and old.  And we had lots of fun there.) 

 My mom says that Darcy just loved to work hard and make people happy.  Pretty much everyone who met her thought she was pretty special.  When Darcy got old she got pretty sick, but still insisted on working.  Darcy even went to work just three days before she died. 

 My mom was very, very sad when Darcy died because they were special friends for so long.  My mom thought it over and proposed that the new library in Beulah be named in honor of Darcy, who spent her life giving so many special gifts to others.  Most everyone agreed, and today we have the Darcy Library of Beulah.

 That’s my story about Darcy. I wish I had known her.  I think we would have been great friends.  WOW!  Do I have some BIG shoes, oops, BIG paw prints, to fill or what?  I’m working on it.

 Hope to see you at the Darcy Library,


 (Dictated by Rosie to Janice Schoonmaker, Darcy Library Volunteer)